Daily Inkling: Around the Campfire


Tell us the spookiest campfire story ever! We love being kept in suspense. 

It was almost midnight and they were all tired. The campfire was dying, the last embers just a few wisps of smoke. Jack decided to smoke a last cigarette before retiring to bed in the tent. The others had gone some time ago. He was alone in the middle of the forest, the only noise an owl hooting somewhere in the dark.

His cannabis supply was enough and he decided to have one before going to bed.   Smoking them was better alone. The others always made stupid comments or wanted to share. He  discovered that he had no matches or lighter. Perhaps the others could help, but he only heard sounds of soft snoring and heavy breathing in the background and did not want to wake them, they might want to join him.  And so he sat there alone with his unlit cigarette. This was frustrating, the pull of the cigarette was strong and then he heard the sound of a match scraping and a flame appeared in front of him. At last he thought, but when he saw the hand holding the match he changed his mind. Since that evening sitting alone around the remains of the camp fire, he stopped smoking.

Daily Inkling: Around the Campfire

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