RDP Saturday: Drench

Rain Solothurn 17.05 (3)

I am drenched with boredom, misery and damp
The streets are darkening, I need a lamp
We had no rain for sixty days,
Parched soil and thirst, intensive sun’s rays
They talk of climate change, or is it a phase
The world is getting older, and changing its ways
Now the rain is falling and does not want to stop
Everything is wet from the incessant raindrop
Cats are meowing and the dogs give a bark
I see an old man who is building an ark
I no longer wear shoes, but Wellington boots
The streets are empty, through pavement poke roots
The local park lawn has mushrooms galore
Lianas are creeping, I hear a lion roar
The climate is changing, I am soaked to the skin
The water is rising, how can I win
Then I awake it was all a bad dream
But outside still raining, our street is a stream
Is this a warning to stop playing god
A fish waves its tail at me, it has lungs and is odd
We are evolving, going backwards in time
Climate change is with us, no longer a rhyme

RDP Saturday: Drench

7 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Drench

  1. There are certainly more unpredictable weather events and unseasonal weather than when I was young. Whether it is climate change or natural events it is happening and we should be paying attention instead of doing more damage.

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    • It is difficult to say. There was once an ice age, but the world survived. The dinosaurs were suddenly extinct and there are still discussions as to why. The climates are changing. We have had summer weather until last week.

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