Good Morning

Rain clouds

It’s raining. After at least six weeks we have rain again, just a steady drizzle. I do not think it will stay all day, but it is a beginning. The cloudy sky is already losing its darkness so it may brighten up during the day. I hope so, as I was thinking about a short wheelie this afternoon.

Mr. Swiss will make a short excursion to the store this morning, although we are covered for the weekend for food. Today is the day when we fetch our birdhouse from the cellar, at least my No. 1 son will. The weather is getting colder and I notice the sparrows and magpies, and the crows of course, are always visiting at dawn to see if there is anything on offer. I gave them some chopped bread in the morning, although those that are experts say it is not the best for the birds. My mum did it when I was a kid and the birds are still thriving.


It looks like the Autumn leaves are also catching up in our area and the trees are changing their colours. And that is all I have to say this morning. I must lead a boring life in between. At the moment Mr. Swiss has lost the shopping list on his iPhone, which the only exciting news I have at the moment.


16 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Yes it is raining and dreary here too …. but it is supposed to be sunny tomorrow, so we will have to wait and see. Today is the remnants of this tropical storm that moved all the way here from Mexico and Pacific Ocean … wow ….

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    • I know that one, but that is now a thing of the past, although I did find something in the fridge today that was not on the list, but he went on his own this morning.


  2. Rainy day here yesterday too, and chilly. I had been planning to walk into Geeveston but I didn’t fancy a 4km round trip in the rain even though someone nearly always stops and offers me a ride. Murphy’s Law says that if it was raining that would not happen.

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  3. Boring can be good at times. I can not keep up with what I need to do. I will be going into town and on to San Jose tomorrow, which will be excellent, but it would be nice to rest too; if only I could.

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