FOWC with Fandango: Adorable


Today the weather changed: the first rain since about 6 weeks, it is cold and unfriendly. I saw the birds sitting in the trees opposite, their wet feathers clinging together, at least I thought so. I made a decision. It will soon be Novemeber and natural bird food will become scarce. And so I organised No. 1 son to go to the cellar and fetch my wonderful designer birdhouse.

I was convinced the birds would be happy and clap their wings. I even found an almost full packet of food in the garden cupboard and those seed pods you can hang onto the house. The scene was set, and I was sure after my midday sleep I would find the birdhouse full of lovable hungry birds pecking away to their heart’s delight.

Instead I discovered a bird house on its own standing in the rain and still waiting for the first customer. I must admit last year I did have the fattest, most well fed birds in the area and perhaps they have decided this year to go on a diet. I am sure some fell off the branches of the trees due to balance problems because of  overweight.

Mr. Swiss said wait and see, they will soon arrive. The scene is set in front of the window and my camera is posed for the first photos. I even saw the first tits this morning with their yellow breasts sitting in the trees. It was probably only an advance patrol to see how it looked.

Various birds in birdhouse 16.11 (3)

FOWC with Fandango: Adorable

10 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Adorable

    • They are. It is always the same birds: the tits and sparrows and some finches. Now and again a blackbird and one year I had a lesser spotted woodpecker, but that was really an exeception.

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