Daily Inkling: Past Your Bedtime

Which type of scary story do you prefer: realistic or unrealistic? What fears do you think drive your imagination towards one or the other?


One of my earlier photos standing in one of my favourite places. Scared, who me? Not really, it is all in the mind. Now and again a skeletal hand pokes through the snow, but I only notice it when I hear a scream if I tread on it. I still have my long black coat which I love to wear upon graveyard visits, makes for a good effect.

I have promised myself to take a wheelie in my chair at the graveyard on 1st November, it seems to be time for action, All Souls Day and all that.

I read when I have time, which is usually before I go to bed. Give me a ghost, ghoul or vampire story and I am happy. Of course I do read other literature, but the scary stuff always has a happy end as the main characters are already dead, so what could possibly happen.

Cemetery Solothurn 20.05 (6)

Daily Inkling: Past Your Bedtime

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