13 thoughts on “Which Way Photo Challenge: October 25th, 2018

  1. What a lovely place. I never made it to Solothurn. I know the area around Zuerich because my uncle lives there. Also the area around Winterthur as he used to live there. Next time we manage to come to Switzerland we have to venture more South and West. Great pictures 🙋

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    • Solothurn is only an hour away from Zürich by train. I love the town could not imagine anywhere better to spend my golden oldie days. It is also only an hour away from Bern by our local train, more or less in the Northern middle of Switzerland. I have been living here for 50 years, but my first two years in Switerland when I was single were spent in Zürich.


      • I am from Germany and am always astonished how “compact” Switzerland is. Suspect you can reach anywhere in the country within two or three hours 🙃 love it even though I know it has its dark sides too. I can understand you wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. Such a beautiful place. If Brexit goes bust we might consider moving to Switzerland. … 🙋

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