Good Morning

Jura 25.10.2018

Yesterday afternoon was a nice sunny one again, as the last two months. A wonderful blue sky with only streams from the passing jets from various places all over the world. The highest point, Hasenmatt (Rabbit Meadow) is in the middle of the photo with our Autumn trees in front. I always get this view when I wheel into town, photo take just outside of our village.

Horses 25.10 (3)

As I wheel along in my chair I always cast a glance behind the station on the raiway. There is  gap in the fence and the horses are usually grazing. It seems that one of the horses has a foal, the little one at the front.

Eventually I arrived in town and noticed we have a new group of street musicians.

Musicians 25.10 (2)

The note they had pinned to their little case was sending greetings from St. Peterburg. I often wonder how these musicians live when they arrive in a foreign country. Perhaps they just play their way through Europe. It was a brass group and the music was good quality. I could have stayed a while but I had a quest, although they were very friendly and I got a nice smile from the guy on the french horn, so I wished him a good day (in russian of course – one of my foreign languages, but not so good).

I was on my way to the southern part of town, known as the Vorstadt, as they were having their “Obsttage” (fruit days) on the so called Rossmarktplatz (Horse market square). This was a first time, so I thought it might be a good opportunity to get a few photos.

Fruit Days Rossmarktplatz 25.10 (2)

It was a little disappointing. This square is very small and is just a wider space along the sidewalk. I was surprised that they held something like this where they did. I did not have a big problem with the wheelchair,  but there was not a lot of room to move in. The main stall, and almost only one, was similar to a normal market stand with a bit of this and that, so where was the fruit. There were also a few tables and chairs to have a drink and something to eat, mainly Swiss apple tarts.

Fruit Days Rossmarktplatz 25.10 (4)

The fruit was basically apples which you could buy, although I think this year everyone with an apple tree in the garden has enough apples for the complete winter, I know I do. As you can see the whole thing was on the edge of the main road, although not a road with a lot of traffic, but one with the bus route.

Fruit Days Rossmarktplatz 25.10 (5)

There was also a table with dishes with apples to try for a free sample. Next to each dish was a label saying which farm it came from. I had a quick look, but hardly had room to turn the wheelchair. It was all OK for a change, but they could have done a lot more. Fruit is not only apples, although there were some vegetables on display.

Fruit Days Rossmarktplatz 25.10 (7)

All local farm produce of course, and very impressive.

I decided to move on home. I had to cross the River Aare and saw the local swan family having a swim.

Swans 25.10 (4)

This was only part of the family. The cygnets are no longer so small. We have a family like this every year and it is amazing how the parents keep the kids at home until they get their white feathers. Next year they will probably have families of their own.

Landhaus 25.10.2018

I crossed our Wengi Bridge with a view of the Landhaus and the St. Urs cathedral in the background. There was also a boat on the river. As it passed under the bridge I heard the voice of a lady through the microphone telling the passengers where they where with a little history of the town. This is something new. We have the official boats that travel from Solothurn along the river for a couple of hours to the town of Biel in the West, but local boats were never seen. Seems to be a new tourist thing.

And now to move on as today is big shopping day. Since I have taken the shopping quest in my own hands, I can organise much better and Mr. Swiss is not sad about it. He has other qualities. Although yesterday it was a massive list, but without a list I would forget most of it.  I am still at a loss for Saturday evening, but I can always make a pizza if other ideas fail me.

Enjoy the day, tomorrow is the week-end although being a golden oldie week-ends are just extended week days. I leave you with a souvenir from the town seen outside the flower store – a bowl of chrysanthemum. They always seem to have special flowers in town in wonderful intensive colours, but the price is also quite intensive.

Chrysanthemum 25.10..2018

17 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning to you. It has been cool here on US east coast, but today at 5 am … it is COLD. I am glad I brought in the coleus as they would have perished overnight in this weather. Yuk !!! Our local YMCA where I go to soak in the hot tub is under renovation, supposed to reopen next week (although I hear they are behind schedule …) so I would usually go there and soak for a while to get warmth in my bones, but now I cannot even do that !!! Good day to you. SLP

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  2. Good morning. The chill has set in and New York city dwellers are wearing their coats. My brother Stephen and I will be spending this weekend together celebrating Halloween. As always we have great Halloween costumes. Then on October 31st Stephen training job center will have a Halloween party.

    Saw a BBC interview with Tina Turner. She married a Swiss gentleman and has been living in Switzerland for years. She had kidney disease and her husband donated one of his kidneys to her. Now that’s Love! Tina Turner is a Swiss citizen. She retired from performing but is looking great at age 79! I greatly admire Tina Turner.

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  3. Lovely photos. I can just smell all that clear crisp fresh air. Here it’s been heavy rain showers all day Apparently we have a cold front coming in from the North – I can actually see the clouds moving across my window.

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    • We are also now getting our cold front, but I have my warm jackets ready. We have not had any rain for many weeks, but I noticed this morning that their was a lot of water in the air from the humidty of the mist we get from the local river. We had some sun this afternoon, but there was a nip in the air.

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  4. The cygnets are almost full grown and the mountains are waiting for winter. Your town looks downright idyllic. We have a three-day storm planned for tomorrow through Monday (or Tuesday)(or Wednesday). I hope the power stays on.

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    • It has been a perfect Autumn. I have watched this swan family grow up since they were tiny babies. We are still waiting for the break in the weather and the first snow. Then it will be finished with trips into town.


  5. When I grew citrus back in the the early 1990s, there was a group of rare fruit enthusiasts who would host events at the farm. They liked to put some of the more uncommon fruit out for guests to try. It was fun to see guests enjoy fruit that I did not give much thought to. Because we grew only the small trees, the fruit was merely a by-product. The fruit that I was not so keen on was usually the favorite; while my favorites were the more unpopular. We actually discontinued the classic ‘Marsh’ grapefruit because it was so unpopular. (Yet, we continued to grow the classic ‘Seville’ sour orange because there was always some English person out there who wanted one for marmalade – and because they were such exquisite trees.) I still think that it is odd that the ‘Sanguinelli’ blood oranges are so popular among Mexicans, but there are so many white people in the same region who have never seen them.

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    • Growing citrus fruit is not possible in our climate. My dad always liked his Marmelade for breakfast in England.. it is a speciality here. We have the tangerine time now, getting nearer to Christmas. Many of our oranges are imported from Sicily . They have the big juicy ones.

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      • We grew more lemon and sweet orange trees than anything, but they were only a few varieties. We did not grow as many Mandarins orange or tangerine (American Mandarin oranges) trees, but we grew more varieties of them. They were fascinating, and any tree with fruit on it sold for Chinese New Year.

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