FOWC with Fandango: Toxic

Christmas Tent Migros

Of course Christmas is not toxic, a time of joy and peace and love to all mankind. At least most of it, although I do not do Christmas. I have really arrived at the point when it is an annoyance.

The Christmas tent is already prepared in the local supermarket, ready and waiting. Today is 26th October, in one day less in two months, it will be Christmas Day, when we all sit beneath the Christmas Tree  with family members and eat the Christmas dinner which is usually prepared by he matriach of the family, which I have become, so why should I rejoice and enjoy. For me a time of stress, composing a Christmas dinner and toiling away in the kitchen on the evening of 24th December, which is when we have the big deal in Switzerland.

It is quite easy to explain. For the next two months I will be bombarded with TV advertisements showing fake Father Christmas’s with fake snowfalls in a fake little village somewhere and to top it all up we will have the Coca Cola truck who has discovered how to use the name of Christmas for publicity. I know I am the Christmas grinch, but I have had many Christmas seasons in my life and it was not always easy.

The stress before buying the right Christmas presents for everyone. I know some people that proudly tell us how they have completed their Christmas shopping already in the month of September, usually by Facebook proclamation, which does not interest me. It is also a reason why I have abolish Christmas presents with one exception. The children in the family, they can make their own decisions later in life and the smile on a child’s face at Christmas is irreplaceable.

Ok, I tell you I am a complete atheist and so perhaps I am the toxic person in this whole Christmas show. Today I realise that the whole thing is a money making publicity show. I celebrate for the others not for myself and thank goodness I now have at last a quiet time at the end of the year where I do not fall asleep under the tree (which we do not have). Just three of us, no Christmas tree and please no presents. If I really want something I can buy it myself.

The plastic curtain is reading to be opened, behind which lay shelves of Christmas decorations to buy. I no longer bake for Christmas. When I had a family with four kids I would do the whole show and spend weeks before Christmas making our Christmas biscuits, and even taking a selection to work.

Biscuits, Christmas 2008
There is one positive aspect. I can take some photos at our local Christmas market. Sometimes I sympathise with Mr. Scrooge and who knows I might even get a visit from the ghosts of the Christmas past, present and future.

FOWC with Fandango: Toxic

15 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Toxic

  1. So will I. Nearly 11 years working at a British Supermarket made sure I hat Christmas more than anything else. Especially when customers complain why we were closed at Christmas day… Ah, I better stop now 🙋

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      • No definitely not. Unless you have particularly Christmassy readers 😁. My husband hates it too and he only worked at the supermarket for 5 years 🙃. I used to love it but now I am a fellow grinch. But I bet it’s more difficult in Switzerland with all the mountains and snow… 😉

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        • Not really, but I don’t ski otherwise, It is a bit of a different celebration in Switzerland more meaningful. I remember my English Chrismas when I was still living in London. We all met at my aunts the complete family. It was more like carnival than a christmas feast with dancing and singing and of course the booze etc. and the kees up muvver brown (am originally a cockney from Befnal Green).


          • Was that a bit of a culture shock moving to Switzerland then or were countries more the same in those days? My father used to work in Switzerland before I was born and if my mums mother wouldn’t have been ill I would have been Swiss. Well, that was about 50 years ago. I was there a lot in the 70’s and 80’s as a child but you don’t see differences so much as a kid.

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          • I have been living in Switzerland for 52 Years, thr first 2 years in Zürich. I changed my job and moved to Solothurn where I met Mr. Swiss and got married. My youngest works for the Swiss goverment


  2. I’m not a great Christmas fan either, Pat… what celebration we tend to do, we do for the grandkids (because they still love Christmas) but that’s about it 🙂

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  3. My son cooks. I have a Christmas tree in a big black plastic bag in the guest room. Remove the bag, set it up, plug it in. No one gives gifts because no one has any money. Voils. It comes, it goes. You have NO idea — or maybe you do — how glad I am that it’s so minimal.

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  4. I think this post is funny only because seeing Christmas stuff so early in the stores bothers me too. Ugh…mass commercialism. Some of my friends have also sacrificed presents and in exchange we do acts of service instead. We want to get back to the true meaning behind the holiday spirit. 🙂

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  5. My mother’s ancestors are from Alsace-Lorraine and I have several of my grand and great grand mothers’ recipes for Christmas cookies. She refused to share them with me until I got married and in her way of thinking then had a wife who would bake them for me. Duh …..

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