7 thoughts on “FOTD October 26, 2018: Black Locust

  1. Robinia pseudoacacia, black locust. That is an odd tree to find in Switzerland. It is from eastern North America. It was brought to California by Easterners during the Gold Rush, and is now an invasive exotic species. There are some right outside. Although I know that they are a serious weed, I do happen to like them. They are so pretty and fragrant in bloom. Compared to the native flora, they seem to be so elegant and refined, like something from Pennsylvania or Kentucky should be.

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  2. I’m so glad Tonytomeo commented and identified this flowering tree. They grow and bloom near me in my Mid-Atlantic state of NJ. They are now starting to wear their Autumn colors and will soon drop their leaves. I think they might leave big pods in their place. I’ll have to take a look around when I walk and see if I can find a few and create a post with them.


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