Daily Inkling: I know a Ghost

It’s the Friday before Halloween. Tell us the story of your ghost encounter, real or fictional. 

I wrote this in 2002 and discovered it in my archives.

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 28.09 (29)

“There’s a tap on the door and a groan from outside”

“It is only the wind, you do not have to hide.”

“But I see through the window a face looking in”

“A reflection from the moon, it’s the usual  thing”

“I hear voices that cry, and wolves that now howl
I am frightened, I must hide, something is foul”

“But wait,  it is silent, all I hear is a cough
I know all is good, I switch the television off”

“The “Return of Dracula” was showing as the scene,
Do not forget, tonight is halloween.”

“And now I feel safe, but wait, there’s  a tap at the door
I will open it”

“No don’t, you cannot be sure.”

And now it was quiet, no sound to be heard
A black raven sat on the house roof
A very strange bird.

Daily Inkling: I know a Ghost

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