RDP Thursday: Friend

Ornament in garden 08.09.2018

What is a friend? It is a feeling that you get after meeting someone and you find them on your wave length. Some stay, some go and perhaps you have that one particular friend that is always there for you. I have that friend, even though we are miles apart.

So that is the serious stuff, but there are others.

In the day and age of computer contact, you might have hundreds of friends in Facebook or other social sites. They might be gaming friends, or just friends of friends but you have never met them, and who knows? If you did they might get on your nerves.

I have memories from one particular guy. Today you get all sorts of strange telephone calls. Some want you to buy something, or they try to sell you an insurance that you do not want, the so-called spam, so we just put down the telephone, or perhaps tell them to get lost.

Then there is the guy that somehow has your telephone number and lives in Nigeria. Yes it happened to me.

“Hello, I want to be your friend.” were his words on the telephone. And to follow up “I am calling from Nigeria.”

Now how can a guy just call me and pay for a long distance from Nigeria? And why me?

My answer was

“Yes, but I do not want to be your friend” and so I hung up the telephone.

Are we that far in this modern day and age that we just tell someone you do not know, have never seen, and probably do not even speak the same language at home, that we call them to say we want to be your friend.

This was not an isolated case, because for a while, now and again strange men called me from Nigeria wanting to be my friend. I came to the conclusion that Nigerians must be lonely people. My natural reaction was to immediately hang up the phone and the calls stopped. Was I being selfish, unfriendly? Were these guys alone in the world and all they wanted was a sympathetic voice to talk to. Or did they want more? I never gave them the chance to find out.

Friends are not in a mail order catalogue.

RDP Thursday: Friend

17 thoughts on “RDP Thursday: Friend

  1. Pretty much none of my Facebook “friends” were friends, except for my real life friends and those people I communicated with off FB anyway. When I left FB, the rest of them disappeared. They couldn’t be bothered staying in touch via email, text, or blog.

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  2. I actually have made some real friends online, but it is difficult to keep in touch. Because we never really SEE each other, there are elements of friendship that never develop. That’s the problem with virtual rather than real. Even when you want to stay in touch, it doesn’t always work out well. As for the Nigerians, all the ones who contact me were princes … so they had to have local friends. They could ask them for the money.

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    • I also have met some very nice people over the years online. I remember when I was working and dealing with Letters of Credit. It was standard knowledge that you never accepted and L/C from Nigeria.


  3. I apparently also have friends in Nigeria, but I get personal emails (not phone calls)…with offers of lots of money. Sigh. I have a policy – no financial dealings with friends! Oh well.

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