Good Morning


This morning I did not want to leave my bed. It was so warm and comfortable and I just slept on. I know, as a golden oldie what difference does it make? I have no shopping to do today and not even a heavy routine at home, but I still like to get a start in the morning. And so I just ignored the alarm and stayed where I was. Eventually I gave myself a push and reached the kitchen for my breakfast and computer.

And yes, Mr. Swiss was also still hugging the bed. We even had an early night yesterday. These early nights are OK, but you get used to sleeping and it is even harder in the morning.

Autumn  Flowers Migros

The only place I visited yesterday was the supermarket. They now have quite a nice display of Autumn themed plants outside: mums and heathers etc. although the plant season is now gradually finishing. If you look at the photo you can see on the right the side of a new white tent. Yesterday the men were busy on constructing it and what is it for? Why Christmas of course. In a few days it will be November and then December and you cannot be too late for displaying the Christmas ornaments. As I do not really do Christmas it is probably one shopping event I will be missing out on.

First of all we have all souls day and halloween, although halloween is not a Swiss thing. They tried it a few years ago but had to sell of the ornaments at half price afterwards because no-one bought them. Actually I would not mind  couple of toy coffins and skeletons in my garden, would brighten it up a bit.

Migros takeaway

At the moment they are refurbishing the restaurant in the supermarket, so have erected a sales wagon outside for snacks, food and drinks. It is just for a few days and I must say the wagon looks good, almost Amrican style, although in Germany you often find them selling their different hot sausage sorts all over the towns.

Clouds 24.10 (2)

Here is one of our lesser nice views from the supermarket over some industrial buildings, but in the distance you can see a few peaks of the alps. We had some stormy clouds yesterday morning, but still no rain and today I read that the week-end will be the big temperature drop and we will have snow at 700 meters. Our area is about 600, so who knows. The Jura will definitely have a white coat.

I am glad that today is still in the good weather zone as this afternoon are fruit days on one of the squares in town and I am planning to have a look with the camera. One of the rare sightseeing pleasures of a golden oldie.

And now to move on to make up for my sleepy time this morning.

I noticed Mr. Swiss has already added a few items to a shopping list so he is planning to go places and see things, at least as far as the supermarket. I am glad as I have some roast beef for the evening coldcuts and my tube of tartar sauce is empty. He can buy me one when he goes, he has also run out of his chocolate covered oat bars that he likes for breakfast. I had to make him two slices of bread and jam this morning to compensate.

Enjoy the day, I must get going, but leave you with one of those Autumn arrangements they sell in the store.


7 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Gads! You do not want Halloween! It is an icky holiday. All Saints Day is much better. Dia de los Muertos is even better for partying and celebration. I think that it is what Halloween should be, instead of all the nastiness and drunkenness.

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