Daily Inkling: Costume Party

Moon Eclipse 27.07 (31)

What was the best Halloween costume you’ve ever worn? Was it for a party, work event, or other occasion? 

Why celebrate halloween with costumes when you can have the real thing.

After a supper of tomato soup with a glass of red wine or raspberry syrup I am ready to go. It does not really matter what you drink, as long as it is red, and there is not always a victim to oblige. Most of the family are already infected.

Of course I prefer a full moon, preferably with a tinge of red to suit the mood. I wear my favourite black cape and hope that my servant, Drac, has picked it up from the cleaners. It is difficult to remove the bloodstains on your own. Sylvester my local cleaner, does it very well. I would check to see if I am looking good in the mirror, but unfortunately I do not have a reflection.

Of course I clean my teeth and file them before going to make sure they reflect in the moonlight to make a clean bite and then I am off. I usually take the route through the graveyard to see if there are any colleagues also embarking on their best night of the year. We then fly together and hope that we are invited for a nice fresh drink of the juicy stuff. If not, there is no problem. Our colleague Vlad is in charge of the local blood bank and always ready to let us have some free samples.

I leave my costume to your imagination, perhaps you might see me fly past.

Daily Inkling: Costume Party

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