RDP Wednesday: Empower

Chain 03.10 (2)

When I got married it was not just a ring
I had a new family with kids tied on a string
Wherever I went they also came too
I was never alone, they stuck just like glue
and then I had four that all had to be fed
As well as a man, but I still made the bed
I had so much power, I organised life
I was mother, cook, logician and also a wife
The man went to work to earn money for all
whilst I stayed at home but not having a ball
The kids had to be washed, combed and given their care
In the evening I sat down and fell asleep in a chair
I was empowered to decide what was right and was wrong
Talking to the teacher and listening to her song
Freedom’s just another name for nothing left to lose
But there were many moments when I really got the blues
When your kids grow up they like to come and go
I am no longer asked, it becomes a tale of woe
And then one day, kids leave and then they have their own
I have become redundant and they can have their moan
I had so many jobs, but did not have a wage
It was all in the name of power, I was in a golden cage
But life carries on and I look back with joy
I was just a normal mother and wife,  perhaps a Helen of Troy

 RDP Wednesday: Empower

10 thoughts on “RDP Wednesday: Empower

  1. Wow! Yes! I often think along the lines of “I have become irrelevant” but “redundant” works for me too. Caretakers are us. Great piece – love the Janis Joplin lyric…so appropriate. I had not thought of the power perspective before either.

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  2. I was a stepmother in my second marriage. Two of his, one of mine and I didn’t speak their language. Their mother had just died, so they weren’t in great shape AND they were just 3 and 4. Those first few years were rough. There are no guides for step-mothering.

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    • Another common denominator. I became stepmother to a 6 and almost 8 Year old and my Swiss German was very basic at that time, I was even still speaking English with Mr. Swiss and yes that is not an easy job. And then I had my two, one being autistic.


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