Good Morning

Morning Sky

Not so friendly this morning, but I do not mind. We have had steel blue skies for long enough and it seems there might even be a little rain at the end of the week. Now we are only half way through. The dark specks on the clouds are a few crows on their way to yet another morning meeting to discuss the routine of the day.

I decided to take a wheelie in my chair into Solothurn, the local town,  in the afternoon. It is just 5-10 minutes along the main road by wheelchair, although I wheel on the sidewalk of course.

Altstadt 23.10 (3)

I have been living here for at least 50 years, but have still not discovered how I can read the time on this complicated clock. It seems to be an original version of the 24 hour clock. As the town has Roman origins, someone during the years gone by seemed to have a good idea about time. Next to the clock is one of our town hotels, The Red Tower which also has a rooftop restaurant and well as one at the entrance.

Otherwise town was a bit sleepy. There were no street musicians, it was probably too cold and the season is changing. There are still some roadside cafés open with people sitting outside watching the world go by and drinking their coffee wrapped in their autumn jackets.

St. Urs. Cathedral 23.10 (2)

This guy is one of the statue on our St. Urs cathedral perched on a fountain. It might be Moses, but I am not such an expert in biblical objects.

As I wheeled over the bridge I noticed something interesting.

Gulls 23.10 (1)

Apart from the wonderful reflections of the Autumn colours in the river I saw this group of ducks approaching. I crossed the bridge to get nearer and also changed my camera lens for the zoom to get a closer picture. Somehow they were too white to be ducks and too small to be swans.

Gul (5)

I am no bird expert, but this seemed to be a group of gulls taking a cruise along the river in the afternoon sun. As Winter approaches we have more gulls on our river and you often see them perched on the bridges.

Swans 23.10 (5)

As I wheeled on further homewards along the river bank, I noticed that the swans were also gathering. It was a larger group, I could not fit them all into one photo.

Dog 23.10 (1)

I also met a dog on the way who seemed to be thinking about taking another swim in the river. His fur was still wet from the last visit. It almost looks like a sheep.

Fish 23.10 (1)

As I looked into the river I noticed that we actually have fish. Now and again I see a few men with their fishing tackle sitting patiently on the river bank. I do not know what they catch, probably hoping for the big one. I only saw small fish, but was surprised, evn more, when I managed to take a photo.

Horses 23.10 (3)

Behind the local railway station there is a field where the farmer sometimes has horses. This time I was rewarded with a mother and her foal taking a walk.

And now to move on. Today is a shopping day. Food plans have been made and after my usual daily clean up and shower I will be off to explore the delights of the supermarket. Take care, and do it in small steps – why rush and stress.

13 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • It’s our River and always clear. Afterwards it flows through Basel on thevSwiss border. When Pisoni ordered the statue there were no films, or a Donald Sutherland. Perhaps Sutherland copied Moses.


  1. You had a good day for wildlife and well done for getting a shot of the fish without joining him in the water. The gulls look very similar to the silver gulls we have here. I don’t think twice about them usually because I see them often but I guess they are pretty far from the sea in Switzerland.

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    • I was surprised to see some fish and even more surprised that my photo was a success. We always have gulls in Winter, sometimes a few in summer. They don’t often go for a group swim on the river

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  2. Gull fly inland when there’s a storm at sea. We get them here, too, even though we are about 75 miles from the ocean. People here hate giving up on summer. It’s hilarious to see them wearing a winter coat over shorts. Garry used to do it too, so it must be a local thing. So silly!

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    • Our nearest sea is hundreds of miles away, we do not have a coastline. We just have many rivers and lakes, but the gulls find their way during the Winter. You see a bit of everything at the moment, but no winter coats yet or ski jackets. We are still have sun all afternoon and quite warm with it. In the Italian part of Switerland, Tessin. they have 30° C at the moment, a record for October.


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