15 thoughts on “FOTD 24.10.2018: Campanula

  1. I rarely know the names of wildflowers, though sometimes they turn out to be garden flowers gone wild. I bought books about it and everything, but it can get very complicated. It’s not just the flower. It’s the way the leaves pair up — or don’t. The type of stem it has. What kind of soil it grows in. I just got lost and decided to just admire them.

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    • I like to know the names of them. Often I only know the German Name and I have to go looking for the english one. I have an app on my telephone and iPad, Plantsnap that identifies the flowers from photos you take.


  2. Actually, I do not know what species of campanula it is. There are quite a few, and there are probably more in Europe. I just recognize it as campanula, but can go no further than that.

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