Daily Inkling: Social Outage

Me at the computer

Has technology affected your ability to communicate with other people? If so, to what extent, and are there any examples of when it affected you for better or worse?

Of course it has. Perhaps it is an age question and the life’s experiences you gather that you use the social connections to your advantage. My facebook presence is limited to a few comments I might make to various other comments, but I do not write myself very much.  Admittedly my WordPress site arrives through cross posting on my community site in Facebook, but not on the general soap site.

I am surprised how many arguments and revenge symptoms appear on facebook. My facebook is there because I have a connection to my old school site and have met again many old colleagues. I have connections to various sites from my origins in London. I even found a colleague I last saw when I was 10 years old before she emigrated to Australia with her family. And the girl that sat in front of me in the class in 1957 in my primary school. We are now both grandmothers. When my father was still alive and in his care home I had contact with his carers and was always up to date. It is difficult as the only child to still maintain contact when you live a couple of hundred miles away in another country. The messenger system is wonderful for private correspondence and photo connection.

Not everything about technology is bad, you just have to keep your head on your shoulders and use it for your own purpose. Of course if I suddenly get a friend request from an American serviceman showing a photo that looks more like a body buider in a wet t-shirt, I am flattered before I delete the request. As you can see from the photo, I only share my online secrets with my cat, she keeps it to herself.

It is just a matter of common sense.

Daily Inkling: Social Outage

9 thoughts on “Daily Inkling: Social Outage

  1. I love the scattered, interesting connections I make with other bloggers, though they don’t lead to close friendships generally, not even email in most cases. Sometimes I long for more, for one close local friend, not necessarily a romance, though that would be ideal, but a tangible connection, someone I could see and talk to in person, who “got” me and vice versa. I guess I’ve never really had that and probably won’t.

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    • I have made many good online friends here on WordPress. I live in Switzerland but up to now have met one personally because she was holidaying for a few days in Switzerland and hope to meet another one perhaps next year.

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  2. I use Facebook in a similar way. I have family in the UK, we’re not what you would call close but at least I know where some of my cousins are, most of them are grandparents now. David’s family are back in South Australia and it’s good to keep track of what everyone is up to especially the young ones who don’t tend to phone or email. I also use it to read what’s going on in my local community, sometimes things can get a bit nasty but I don’t join in with those posts. I haven’t had any requests for my hand from soldiers in the USA or even Nigerian princes but I keep my Facebook friends to people I actually know or at least know of.

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    • My Facebook profile is also private, but I still get requests from strange people sometimes. It is very useful to keep contact with old friends and family, although they are dwindling. We were kids together and now also grandparents


  3. I completely agree with you, especially with regard to FB. I too have appreciated the fact I could reconnect with old high school chums after 50 years! Some pages about London are good to follow too, as are funny doing videos, but everything else is forgettable 🙂. Who cares what someone had for dinner last night! Lol 🤣

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