FOWC with Fandango: Drawer


Let me introduce you to the drawers in my No. 1 son’s furniture. These are the two bottom drawers, but there are another two exactly the same. He is autistic and his world is music: mainly of the sixties and seventies. He began with the Beatles and Stones, followed up with Pink Floyd etc. etc. how they were all called.

When the furniture was bought, the drawers were a special execution in size to fit the CD collection. He has thousands, complete collections. Now and again even mum (me) borrows one. If he is not at home I am allowed to take it. When he returns he knows exactly which album is missing. It is uncanny how he has his organisation. He also has two shelves of LP records. The modern day and age of IPods etc. does not interest him, although he does now have a collection of various DVD’s with music items.

One day he might start his own radio station, who knows. I do not know every record he has, but he does, even who was playing on each track and the recording years. He still visits the monthly market where there is a guy with records to search for something new in the collection. He still finds one or two CD’s that he does not have, which is a wonder, because I have the feeling he has everything.

FOWC with Fandango: Drawer

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