RDP Sunday: Object

Garbage Disposal Plant 17.10.2018

What does a golden oldie want to object to
There are many things that make me feel blue
Mother-in-law said they do what they want and not what they can
Who they are I don’t know, but they seem to have a plan
I like to take trips in the surroundings of my home
We have trees everywhere and places to roam
I climbed up a hill and what did I see
There was the garbage burning plant, I wanted to flee
The river running through it was really looking clean
I closed my eyes, heard birds singing, how could they be so mean
Of course it did not smell in this modern day and age
But two chimneys belching smoke just put me in a rage
On a clear day in the distance, the alps can be seen
But they are just a background, hiding behind a screen
I like to take my photos of a large and pleasant space
But there are too many obstructions, I object to this bad place

 RDP Sunday: Object

10 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Object

    • It is not actually pollution. The Swiss have many laws controlling that side of it. It is just unsightly being built in the middle of fields with the chimneys smoking day and night.

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  1. Isn’t there a rule in Switzerland that lorries and large vehicles have to turn their engines off if stationary for long periods? I remember being told this when we were passing through on a coach trip to Italy.

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    • Not really a rule, more common sense. It is the same with the car. If you are stationary for some time, then you switch off the motor. Of course not when driving on the road or waiting at the traffic lights, although some do it. Lorries are not allowed to drive through the night unless they are carrying perishable goods.

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    • You very rarely find trash in the country here. If someone does deposit rubbish and the authorities discover who, they get a very heavy fine. In the 20 Years I live near the river, I found one small cola bottle in the river and nothing otherwise


  2. Yes, it is an ugly thing to be placed in such pretty surroundings. I suppose it has to be somewhere but why there? Roadside litter is a big problem, the council has a patrol that goes around but they can’t be everywhere at once. Some civic-minded people pick it up voluntarily every now and then. The most distressing though is the roadkill. There is such a lot of it. I hate to see dead animals on the side of the road.

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    • It is where they burn the garbage. It is a clean solution, doesn’t smell, but not pretty. I rarely see rubbish on the road side here. Either people don’t do it, or it is cleared away quickly. Even in the larger towns like Zürich or Bern it is rare

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