Good Morning


Basically it was a mysty morning, plenty of humidity in the air, although it did not rain. When I took a first look at the sky it was grey, but the planes had left their traces and somewhere the sun must have been shining to get a pink glow.

The big news of the day is that it is Mr. Swiss birthday, although we golden oldies do not make such a fuss these days. He is now 79 years old, still listens to jazz, drives the car and accompanies me on my shopping trips, although I seat him in restaurant for a coffee and do the rest myself. Sometimes he puts in a guest appearance, but he is no longer as good on his legs as he was. We all have our problems growing older, and his is a back problem. We now have a collection of walking sticks at home, his and mine.

Autumn Trees 20.10.2018 (2)

I took a walk yesterday afternoon, still making the most of the very late Autumn weather with the sunny days. Even the local cemetery has a touch of Autumn now. I just love the colours. I find Autumn one of the best seasons for variety, as if compensating for the barren and perhaps white days of Winter. Although I am still wearing my short sleeved t-shirt when going for a wheelie in my chair, I made a decision that for further trips at the moment I will wear a jacket. Especially wheeling over the river on the bridges it can get quite chilly if there is a wind blowing.

Trachetngruppe 20.10 (2)

I wheeled on into town and what did I see. This group of ladies from other villages and perhaps country women, or just dressed in our traditional clothes, were on a visit to town. As I speeded on I saw another group. Perhaps there was an event in town, or they might even be yodlers. They were leaving the tea room after a coffee break and I was wheeling past. I could not resist a photo. I suppose you could call it our Swiss traditional dress and the various styles are typical of certain areas.

Trachetngruppe 20.10 (1)

As I wheeled on further another group left another restaurant opposite our cathedral. There always seems to be something different happening on Saturday afternoons in the town. I wish I could go on Saturday mornings when we have the weekly fruit and veg market, but those days are now gone. Mr. Swiss and I used to go now and again and mix in the crowds.

Swiss Reform Church 20.10.2018

I entered the town by the “back door” making a round trip and passed our Swiss reform church. Less decoration than the catholic cathedral, but it also has its charm. My sons were christened there. No. 1 son on Christmas Day in a small chapel as that is actually an exception, but my parents were here from England. No. 2 son was christened in the church. It is quite plain inside: no big decorations.

Boat on River Aare 20.10.2018

I wheeled on home along the river bank as noticed that there were still a few boats on the water. A bit cold for a river boat ride at the moment.

Being Sunday morning I hugged the bed a little longer, although what difference does a Sunday make. However, I should now get into action with a little bit of tidying up and of course preparing a dinner. No special birthday luxury, it will be sliced veal in a mushroom and cream sauce accompanied by a Swiss Röschti (sliced fried potatoes), typically Swiss and one of our favourites.

Have a good Sunday everyone. Even our Swiss Jura mountains are embracing the mist at the moment, but the Autumn trees can be seen in the foreground.

Jura 20.10.2018

26 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I woke up to an orange glow . . . after an explosion at about 4:00 this morning! A home on another ridge burned. The homes in that neighborhood are close together, and three of my friends live just a few yards away. Two live next door to each other, just a few doors down from the home that burned. The third lived just downhill. Burning debris was falling downhill and igniting the trees. Smoke is sill rising from the site. It was a long few hours.

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      • It is out now. I could see the smoke for quite a while, but it was just the house smoldering. I happen to be in the neighborhood at the moment. It is sad that someone lost their home. Crazily, there were two people next door who needed to be woken up and chased from their home. The blast was heard and seen miles away. I can not imagine how TWO people slept through it next away.


  2. Your colors have really come in beautifully now. THAT is the autumn I love. When I went out to take a few shots at sunset, I realized that OUR colors are just beginning to show up. Unfortunately, it’s both cold and windy, so I think there’s going to be maybe two days before it all falls down.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is falling thick and fast here now, making a wonderful carpet everywhere. Weekends are the best time for photos, the don’t clear it away so quickly


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