Daily Inkling: Getting an Upgrade

Ollie, Patrick and me

Who needs an upgrade, I do not. I got my upgrade when I got married, became a mother and now I am a grandmother. I was flesh and blood. I had feelings, sometimes I was sad, often I was happy, and if I had a cold or even today with my MS, it is part of life. I do not want to be a robot, I want to hug my children and husband, have feelings. I have all the human advantages and disadvantages that I need.

On the other hand if I could have a few new spare parts transferred into my body like joints that no longer creak when they move, I would not object. Perhaps I could leave my bed in the morning normally without thinking about it first. I already have some metal parts in my left arm and left leg and that is OK. I still look the same, I am not sure if Mr. Swiss would be happy hugging a plastic wife.

World of Information 25.05.2016 Exhibition 10010ENTER0101 (21)

Daily Inkling: Getting an Upgrade

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