RDP Saturday: Fabulist


The mask reminds me of many, we give him all our votes
The person who commands our taxes, and afterwards he gloats
Behind the mask there is nothing, the brain is just thin air
Intelligence is not required, it is extremely rare
He has a troop of liars who are sure they are telling the truth
They believe everything the leader says, they possess no wisdom tooth
One day there might be a good idea, but the boss says it is schmooze
It is forgotten, cast away, under the name of fake news
Of course no-one is lying, convinced it’s all so real
Note the mouth has many tongues, they believe in having a deal
The eyes are empty, they do not see, to truth they are so blind
Their leader describes the shape of it all and they all have the same mind
I will not mention names of men, it could also be a lady too
Your find them in governments all over the world, compare it to a zoo

RDP Saturday: Fabulist

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