Good Morning


A grey morning with a little bit of mist at the edges, not very inviting. There is also a nip in the air, but it can only get better I hope. I did not go anywhere yesterday except for the shopping trip in the morning. To be quite honest, if I wanted to it would not have worked. I had my usual after dinner sleep and awoke half way through the afternoon. I was all on my Todd (Jones – alone, cockney) at home as Mr. Swiss had to go somewhere in the afternoon. I suppose it was a sort of sleep compensation although I usually manage OK during the night.

And the remainders of the afternoon were spent with my computer.


In spite of my sleep marathon yesterday I still slept well through the last night. Eventually I dragged myself to the kitchen to fire up the computer this morning and let some light and air into the home by opening the blinds. The second priority was my frugal breakfast. I did some cunning planning yesterday when shopping. We had a toast Hawaii yesterday evening and there is enough toast left for a couple of days, which I had planned for my breakfast.  It is all a matter of logistics.

Baselstrasse 19.10.2018

I did take a few photos on the journey to the supermarket yesterday, but same places and time. This is the main road as we leave the village. Not very much traffic. Since we have motorways, it is only really used for local excursions, like to the village where the largest supermarket is. If you carrying on straight ahead you arrive at the local town of Solothurn. I usually take the path on the right when wheeling along to get there. The left side is practically useless as now and again the sidewalk disappears and I am not wheeling on the main road. We have a local train that also uses it.

Restaurant Supermarket

I also took a photo of the restaurant in the supermarket. Part of it had been closed for two days as it was being renovated, although no big deal. They had installed a new wooden floor and it had new furniture.  When I was a working woman, I would eat my lunch here as it was not far from where I worked and I could combine it with the daily shopping in the store. Amazing the timetable I had in those days. I even fitted some housework in at home.

Hostas in Autumn

It has become a customs to let the cat out in the front garden when I open the windows in the morning so I took the opportunity of a photo for my hostas, which are now getting in the Autumn mood. They will all turn yellow and eventually shrivel. That is when you can just pull out the leaves and throw them. Next year in Spring they will arrive again. That is what I like about hostas, no big deal with work. In the meanwhile Tabby, my cat, decided to re-enter the appartment. She likes to have an inspection in the morning. It has become a habit, and I can afterwards close the window again.

Enough of my exciting Saturday morning, I now have a tour to do with a few household machines, you know, the usual. Mr. Swiss will again leave me for a short safari in the supermarket. It is Saturday I noticed on the calendar (I have to check now and again being a golden oldie) so enjoy the week-end, take it easy and if you have to work today, enjoy the free day you get as compensation, although some of us get no free days (thinking of the housewives and mothers).

I will leave you with a photo of last year’s poinsettia. I left it outside during the summer. It developed smaller leaves, probably too much sun. Now it is recovering and still growing, but I do not think it will get the nice red leaves again that it had when I bought it last year.


16 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Poinsettias are odd plants. They are the epitome of disposable potted plants, although I do happen to like growing them just for their foliage. My great grandmother grew on off her porch for decades, but it as not very pretty. They were more common where I went to school in San Luis Obispo. They do not survive winter in cooler climates of course. Lack of sunlight causes stunted leaves and lanky growth.

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    • It’s a Christmas plant here. I just like to keep them out of curiosity what might happen. But they no longer get the coloured leaves, I believe that is dependent on the exact amount of daylight every day.

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      • Yes, the color is a reaction to day length. It is a very intense crop to grow, because they must be shaded part of the day to bloom. When I was in school, I thought that anyone who ‘wanted’ to become a poinsettia grower must have been crazy. They were popularized in San Diego a very long time ago.

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  2. You sky looks like home. That has been pretty much the way it has looked all summer and still looks. We get a few minutes of sunshine and then the gray is back. Gets a bit depressing.

    Poinsettia will keep growing until it gets quite huge, but I’ve never seen it flower again. I think you need some special lighting or watering conditions to get flowers. But it will grow and keep growing.

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    • This was almost an exception. We have permanent blue skies at the moment with a few fluffy clouds occasionally.

      Poinsettia must have regular light and dark to flower I think, I will wait and see what this one does.


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