FOWC with Fandango: Fierce

Roterturm 21.08 (2)

I get fierce if my computer does not do what I want
Try as I do, I cannot be nonchalant
If the power disappears then I can be quite mad
Especially when a plug is pulled I am more than sad
It might be an accident, but I get a contact lost
I begin to breathe fire and my feelings freeze to frost
I stop snarling and pulling hair when the power is on
I know it just a machine, but my patience is then gone
I should return to knitting, or reading a good book
but even then I drop a stitch or lose the page I took
Eventually I go to bed and then forget it all
The next day I start anew and try to play it cool
Life sends these little trials giving us a test
So after screaming and throwing knives, I try to do my best

FOWC with Fandango: Fierce

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