Daily Inkling: Moving by Song

For me it is the Paolo Conte concert in Bern. Paolo Conte is a Italian singer. He plays the piano accompanying his songs. He was originally a lawyer, and did the singing on the side. I know that not many here would have heard of him. He sings his songs in Italian, but mixes a little strange english into them now and again. He calls the music himself razzamatazz, which just about describes it all. I have the complete collection of his recordings.

The concert was in Bern and the colleagues in the office bought the tickets for me and Mrs. Swiss for my birthday. My boss being Italian origins also came with us with his mother who knew quite well. It was in December, and yes it snowed all evening. Who likes driving in snow in the evening. I definitely do not. We arrived eventually, and had a wonderful evening. Paolo did not disappoint. Paolo is still going strong, although now 82 years old. I live in Switzerland and our local language is Swiss German, but Italian and French are also spoken in other parts of the country. I just love this guy and his music.

Daily Inkling: Moving by Song

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