RDP Friday: Week

Shopping carts in Migros, Langendorf

Monday hoovering the apartment and all the other days
Time goes on, it flies past, the weeks go in a haze
Life is not only cleaning, I have other things to do
I cook the dinner and prepare evening meals, the turning of a screw
Being a golden oldie there are visits to the doc
I have no time to sit and dream, and then there is the clock
It is ticking away seconds chasing each other, using too much time
It’s all a matter of taking it easy, life has become a crime
Last week I got married, had children and afterwards went to work
Or was that many years ago, time is on the lurk
Seven days have the week, and resting  a thing of the past
It used to be the seventh day, but now it goes too fast
Looking forward to something special is not such good advice
Wishing all your life away is never a good sacrifice
On Friday I write a shopping list to cover week-end food
Today is Friday I did it again, it has become an ineptitude
I wish the week had just one day, there would be no repetition
Life is travelling far to fast, it never requests permission

 RDP Friday: Week

8 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Week

  1. You are right, everything is going fast. Time, life year, seasons . Yesterday the year started and now middle of October! But as they say good time flies by! So maybe we are having a good time.

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