RDP Thursday: Blizzard

It's snowing

I come from a country famous for its rain
I am talking of England and not the plain in Spain
I knew what snow was, it came once every five years
It was white but did not stay long, afterwards it clears
And then I came to Switzerland, the land of William Tell crossbow
They told me there was chocolate but did not mention snow
The first Winter came and my hands began to freeze
And then came the snow, accompanied by a breeze
I thought this was something else and it would go away
The Swiss forgot to tell me that for a long while it would stay
Flakes of snow were falling down, and they were getting big
I put on my snow goggles and then began to dig
Everything was getting white, I wish I were a wizard
Then I could make it go away, this was my very first blizzard
And now after fifty years nothing has got better
And so I wear a furry hat and a very thick sweater
I wade through the snow drifts, I am now the best
They call me the abominable snowgirl, I wear a thermo vest.

RDP Thursday: Blizzard

9 thoughts on “RDP Thursday: Blizzard

  1. When we moved here, people commented “Yes, we’re in The Slot.”
    “The slot?” I wondered.
    They meant the snow slow, where the snow falls. Something about the way the clouds come over the Worcester hills and just dump TONS of it on us. Tons. The first year, we were charmed. The second winter, not so charmed. By winter three, everyone’s back was broken and we cuddled up by the fire. These days, I just hope for a mild winter, please.

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    • We realised today that we had almost no snow last year. Sometimes we get strong winters. The snow usually comes in November, but it can also be January. At the moment the seasons are playing games. We still have summer weather at the end of October.


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