RDP Wednesday: Sport

Me in Wheelchair

Sport? Of course, I am the champion wheelchair rider. This photo is from last winter. Luckily we had no snow, it was just cold, otherwise I might have had to put chains on the wheels to get a good grip. Note the gloves. That is part of the winter equipment. I was then a beginner, I only had the chair for a couple of weeks and was still in training. I kept to the flat paths and never went above the first gear, taking it slow.

As time went by my confidence grew and I was going to places with stony surfaces, up and downhill. I conquered the river bank. I was becoming a professional and even used the higher gears on the chair. For the first few months I stayed in the slow speeds but now and again I got daring and progressed to the second level. I was still wheeling in the village, but realised that I should make progress and try other territories.

The road to town was not far, but there was one hazard.

Baselstrasse 02.07 (7)

The path became quite narrow because of the church, but undaunted I continued and this was no problem for an experienced wheelchair rider like myself. I overcame this obstacle and afterwards I was free, on my way to town. This was a breakthrough in my career, there was no stopping me.

I would then often enter town during the week and was ready for everything. I visited the local trade fair, the cheese days where the town was taken over by cows, even the Harley Davidson days were conquered. I could do it all. When I cross the road all the traffic stops for me, I am the King of the Road, Queen actually. I even have a horn on my chair, as well as lights showing if I turn right or left. I whizz past everyone and leave them all standing admiring my talent. If I see a policeman I naturally slow down, I do not want to get a ticket for speeding.

RDP Wednesday: Sport

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