Good Morning

Morning Sky

The planes have been designing our sky this morning, although a few floating mists have also added to the patterns. It is only 4°C this morning, and I am now sitting in the kitchen with my blogging. It is and already we had a ring on the doorbell, only once. As I am only clad in my night attire Mr. Swiss had a look. We live ground floor, meaning that maintenance workers that have to enter the building ring at the nearest bell available which is ours. It seems that our lift shaft has water again at the bottom and they are clearing it out. Just ring at Angloswiss they always let you in. Yesterday someone rang making a surey about the Euro lotto millions. We sent them away with the remark “no interest”.

Loreto Chapel 16.10.2018

Otherwise I took a wheelie into town yesterday afternoon. The weather was still late summer, although we have October. I went the back way into town and drove through what I call “the religious part” because it is full of monasteries, churches and chapels. This is our so-called Loreto chapel in the middle of fields. During the summer the fields were full of sunflowers, but they were harvested last month for their sunflower oil production from the seeds.

I also wheeled onto where my No. 1 son works to see how he was doing.

Patrick at Work 16.10 (1)

I knew he was working outside at the moment doing a painting job, but I was surprised when I saw he was hugging a tree (although he did the hugging bit for the photo). He was helping to clear Autumn away and the tree had almost been taken over by ivy, so he was removing it.  No. 1 son is autistic, but his boss told me he has absolutely no problem in climbing to high places. He usually works on the machines in the factory and again has never had an accident, where others might have cuts or worst on their hands. He just has his routine and sticks to it.

Cockatoo 16.10.2018

His boss’s pet cockatoo Otto was also watching the work perched on a fence. He is always there, and after the fence he transferred to the shoulder of the boss. I am glad that my son has such a good understanding boss.

H4 Hotel Men at Work 16.10.2018 (2)

I wheeled on into town and saw that one of the hotels was being renovated. I pointed my camera and these two saw me so gave a thumbs up sign and I waved back. It was not really my intention to take a photo of them, but some things are just irresistable arn’t they?

Oboist Solothurn 16.10 (1)

Our oboe playing music student was again in town colleting money for his studies at the music school and I must say he really plays well. He had his little box for sales of his CD and money collection, and the usual recorder with the accompanying music. I remember he was playing “Yesterday” from the Beatles and I was surprised how good it sounded on the oboe.

I eventually wheeled on home along the river.

Swans 16.10 (2)

Again I met a swan, but as soon as he/she saw my camera it took a dive. Either it was camera shy or saw something edible below, probably the second choice.

Today is a shopping day, the list is made on my phone notes and so I am almost ready to go. Just a bit of this and that in the apartment and a shower and nothing stops me. Keep safe everyone and enjoy the day as much as you can.

And here is my photo of the day from yesterday. there were so many leaves falling from the trees, I had to be carful not to be hit by one, but wouldn’t that be a great photo and yes, I did it. I held the camera and pressed the button and I captured one falling leaf. Ok, you have to look for it, it is on the left, but it is an Autumn action photo. Must try for a few more.

Autumn trees 16.10 (2)

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  1. Is the Loreto chapel near Grenchenstrasse? It looks very familiar. My husband’s Oma lived in an apartment there and we’d walk through the fields past a religious building when we went into town.

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