Daily Inkling: Bottled Dreams

You’re dreaming of a beach. On the shore you find a bottle with a rolled up sheet of paper, and it’s addressed to yourself. What is the message it contains, word-for-word?

River Aare 23.06 (12)

And a bottle came floating past. Another crime against humanity. Fish are suffocating on plastic, the oceans have more plastic than water. Everyone is trying to save the world and now we have an empty cola bottle in the local river. This one probably didn’t have room to mix with the other bottles in the sea. I am glad Switzerland does not have a coastline, otherwise there would be more of this junk in our lakes.

Just a minute, my name is on the bottle and there is a letter inside the bottle. Typical, the powers that brought about this misery, now want to put the blame on me. I did not throw this bottle in the river. I will do my duty.

And so I fished the bottle out of the river, and carried it to the bottle bank in the village. Read the letter in the bottle? No way, none of my business, it is all fake news.


Daily Inkling: Bottled Dreams

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