Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Places People Visit

Alps 03.04 (5)

Living in Switzerland I almost have to show a photo of the alps. They are high enough to be seen everywhere, and everyone visiting Switzerland as a tourist has to pay them a visit,

River Thames looking North, London

Being a Londoner it is difficult to pick out a particular place to see, but St. Pauls cathedral is always a good tip. You can climb up the many stairs to reach the outside balcony with a view over London.

Zytgloggeturm, Bern
And back to Switzerland, why not visit Bern, its capital town. Very good on a rainy day with all the covered shopping streets and the Zytglogge Turm with its clock and moving figures.

Covered pavements in Bern

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Places People Visit

8 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Places People Visit

  1. I would have to start with the Alps. I’m pretty sure I saw a lot of London (spent a couple of months there, but it was a long time ago and mostly, I remember Hyde Park and the Tower of London. And London Bridge. A lot of the newer stuff wasn’t installed yet.

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    • I was visitng my dad once a year but in his last years spent most of the time with him and did not travel around London so much. It was a changing town and a lot had disappeared. It was no longer the London where I grew up. I saw some of the modern things, but there was no feeling attached to it.


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