Good Morning

Alps 14.10 (1)

We have alps again. I went for a wheelie in my chair yesterday afternoon. We had wonderful weather, with temperatures of 23°C. It was almost an early summer’s day. I decided on roll up to the local castle and the view from the top was rewarding. Although in a haze you could see the alps in the distance: from right to left Jungfrau, Mönch and Eiger. Their nearest village is Grindelwald where we spent many summer holidays with the kids. The mountains are then in your back garden. I will never stop admiring these wonderful natural creations.

At the top of the path I met a good friend. She also has had her problems with walking for many years, so we compared notes on our progress and problems and realised it is not so bad after all. Like me, she often takes a walk around the castle area.

Autumn Trees 14.10 (3)

I am still on the search for Autumn, but  it is slow in arriving this year due to our wonderful out of season warm weather. However here and there you can spot some trees thinking about turning their leaves from green to red and brown.

Chickens 14.10 (12)

I also visited the chickens. they seem to have a new breed, not the normal big colourful chooks, but with black feathers. They also have a few chicks. That is why I like this farm, they always have something different. These chickens are probably more for their looks and not so much for laying eggs. Being mainly black, they are not so photogenic.

Chickens 14.10 (7)

They have now shifted the mobile chicken house to the middle of a field. Even chickens need a change of sceney now and again.

Chickens 14.10 (4)

I can still get my close-ups of chicken life thanks to my zoom lens.

I only really intended a short wheelie, but meeting a friend slowed me down a bit and the day was too good to hurry on home. Mr. Swiss was at home busy making one of his famous apple tarts, although I think he was doing things to his mobile phone as well. The life of two cyber golden oldies is full of stress.

I spent the rest of the day blogging and uploading the few photos I took. I also watered the garden, as with our current lack of rain it needs it. The ground seems to be moist from the morning mists, but I have a few new plants that I should look after. I then heard the distant noise of an ambulance drawing closer. The ambulances come from the local hospital and often take the road through our village to other places. This time the ambulance horn suddenly stopped on our road. It is alarming when that happens. Was there an accident or did someone have a problem? I could have taken a short look, but decided not too. It is distressing enough when you hear something like that.

And now to today. I have things to do like a shopping trip and a clean through the apartment. My son now has a different timetable meaning I no longer have so much time in the morning as usual, but I have everything under control, I hope. I am not sure if I will be going places today, but am thinking about it.

Chrysanthemum 14.10.2018

I saw these wonderful chrysanthemum at the local cemetery, worth a photo. I aways find the best photos of flowers at the cemetery. It was quite a busy day there with visitors. 1st November is now approaching and that is the day when everyone visits the cemetery being All souls Day. I am not religious, but living in a catholic area, you get all the official holidays.

And now I am off, have a good day everyone. See you later.

13 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. That little multicoloured chick is cute. Just north of Launceston at the other end of Tasmania, there is a holiday accommodation place called Grindelwald. I seem to remember it had a Swiss restaurant. Perhaps the people who ran it were Swiss.

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  2. Those chicks are surely precious; and they too will lay their eggs – with all the love for chickens, you don’t get them just for their beauty. Such beauty is a BONUS!!!
    I spend a few days in Switzie too and on Saturday attended a wedding in Montreux (with plenty of phone pics and vids). We topped the day with a short cruise (90′) from Mtx to Lausanne – the most glorious possible day!
    Sunday was my actual birthday and to honour my mum who brought me into this world, and my being in Switzerland, we picked her up for church service in another congregation where her favourite minister was serving…. Her being blind, she only realised the ‘coup’ when he started praying…. OUR surprise was that an engagement with blessing was also on the programme, which was so lovely and rare (who is still getting engaged nowadays?) and the next surprise was that we were all invited to a generous apéro afterwards! Then a wonderful Sunday meal at my mum’s residence, coffee and cake(s) and desserts….. a walk in the autumnal beauty and warmth – what a glorious weekend that was!
    On the Lac Léman there also was this band of haze – it tore my heart right out of me…. I miss this all SO MUCH! In the background across the lake the French Alps loomed in their majesty – I really can’t wait to come back to Switzerland!


  3. My grandma had black hens. They were great. She had a few red ones and white ones, too, but she seemed to prefer the black ones. They were really beautiful; their feathers kind of changed color in sunlight.

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    • This farm is basically a stable. The chickens are an extra, as the back swans and mandarin ducks with the goats. They are always surprising with something new and of course they have the horses


  4. That is a funny first sentence because it is what we used to say about the mountains east of Los Angles. When I was in college, I did not know there was anything back there. The skyline was lower back then too. I went there only a few years later, after the Santa Ana winds had been blowing, and saw the high mountains for the first time. Now that there is much less smog, the mountains are regularly visible, and are quite scenic. They are nothing like the Alps, but they still look great behind the now bigger skyline of Los Angeles.

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    • Our alps are always there of course, but not always visible. We have no air pollution, but it depends on th atmospherics. It might be a misty day, or if certain winds are blowing we get a very clear view.

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