20 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 15.10.2018 Marigolds

      • We have many traditions here. Dia de Los Muertos is an important holiday within the Mexican American Community, which means it is very important in most of California. It is not so important in most of America. I think is should be much more important than Halloween, which is a totally lame holiday.

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        • I have seen films featuring dia de los muertos and it appeals to me. We have 1st November which is All souls Day and it is not really celebrated. We get a day’s holiday in our Kanton as it is a catholic Kanton, but being a golden oldie it just means for me that the shops are shut. On 1st November it is a bit of a tradition to visit the graves at the cemetery by some people. Halloween is just a few odd balls here but no general celebration.

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          • Oh, my! I just wrote a long rant about Halloween, but had to delete it. It really is a nice day here today, and I intend to keep it that way.


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