Good Morning

Misty Morning

Another misty morning, which is normal for this time of the year. In an hour we will probably have brilliant sunshine for the rest of the day. Yesterday was almost a summer day. I went for a wheelie in the afternoon in my chair, and I did not need a jacket at all, the short sleeved t-shirt was enough. I do get a little worried about this climate change thing. Strong winds in Portugal yesterday, floods in Mallorca last week and the Tornados or whatever in America are getting bigger and stronger. In Switzerland we are celebrating a second summer at the moment.

Farm Baselstrasse 13.10.2018

I decided to wheel into town yesterday afternoon in my chair to see if there was anything spectacular happening. Since our town fair, things have got a little boring. The first farm I pass on the way is tucked behind one of our little train stations. Luckily the fence allows for a good view. Often they have horses grazing on the meadows in front of the farm, but yesterday it was just Autumn and the farm house. They are the pictures that inspire.

Senior residence Baselstrasse 13.10.2018

I also wheeled past one of our homes for senior citizens. It is actually in Solothurn, but on the border to our village. The words say that it exists since 1319 and was renovated in 1869, but since then it has been modernised. Perhaps I will be there one day, although we have a more modern one in our village. It is never to late to have a look around, but at the moment I am content where I am. Our village is a good place to live, but we have no shops and have to get everything in Solothurn along the main road. We did have one little supermarket, but it gave up a couple of years ago. It was taken over for a year by a butcher in Solothurn, selling the basic stuff, but even that is now closed. As long as I have a car I can manage but it is a little inconvenient. Our garage had its premises along the main road, but even that has now moved to the garage city, on the borders of the town. It was a large area, ground floor, along the road and plans are to transform it into a supermarket. That would be ideal for me as I could wheel along and get what I need, but it is still in the planning stages. I have done everything in my wheelchair, but never entered a shop to buy something, so that will be the next bridge to wheel.

St. Urs. Cathedral 13.10 (1)

The first thing I see when I get into town is our cathedral. I decided on a photo of the top part this time with a few bits and pieces. There is even a bird sitting on a ledge, which I have only just noticed.

Berntor 13.10.2018

This time I did a wheel around in our so-called Vorstadt on the other side of the river. The original business school for apprentices is still there, although they have built a new one since. This arch seems to be a remnant of the old days. I thoughtit might be the old Bern gate. The gates to Biel and Basel still exist at the entrance of the town, but it is just something left from the old days. I discovered the Bern gate was demolished in the late 19th century as it was in the way of the newer road developments for cars etc. and only now exists in photos. Even Mr. Swiss did not know that. The things I find when wheeling around Solothurn. There is a movement to rebuild the Bern Gate, but the problem is they have now built an underground car park there. Even the roman baroque town of Solothurn has had to make concessions to modern day life.

Aare, Unterer Winkel 13.10.2018

This house always fascinated me. It was almost derelict, until an architect I know bought it and renovated it. It is now a wondeful house on the bank of the River. The architect had his office on the ground floor and the back of the house overlooks the River with two nice balconies. He really made something or the property.

I was very much annoyed with WordPress yesterday. They seemed to have a problem with saving my draft that I was writing yesterday morning and when I wanted to post it, it was not possible. I discovered that writing stuff on a Mac is not always ideal, so I had to retype the whole thing on my Windows machine which took up time. However, being wonderwoman, I managed it all, including the cleaning and cooking. Today everything is OK. I do not think that WordPress likes Apple/Mac stuff.

And now to the daily Sunday chores, which are OK. It will be a veal stew today which means I can begin the cooking now and have a restful morning, letting it do its own thing until lunch. I have some ironing to do and the usual walk with the vacuum cleaner and mop, although Mr. Swiss has already begun. Otherwise life is pretty good at the moment. I am off and wish you all a good Sunday or a good nights rest.

Pigeons 13.10 (1)

12 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. You most definitely are Wonder Woman–you cook, you clean, you wheel all over town. I so enjoy everywhere you go–and you do go everywhere! So much fun to see Switzerland through your eyes….or lens, as the case may be.

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    • Thanks for the compliments. I like to keep myself occupied doing something. When I realised .that my mobility was a problem, I had to do something about it, Thanks to my electric wheelchair I can get around again. it would be nice to be able to go for a walk again, but I no longer have the energy.


  2. I have not written about the disregard for our history and sites of historic significance here yet, but probably should. Unlike Europe, we have only a few centuries of documented history, so we SHOULD get it right. Anyway, there were a few giant redwood trees planted by President Roosevelt’s team back during his presidency, so he could get his pictures taken next to them while holding a shovel. Because they were planted on the sides of the roads that later became big boulevards, they were all removed as the boulevards were widened. Early in my career, before they were all cut down, I had to inspect the last few to confirm that they needed to be removed. It was sad business. They used to mark the highways that let to nearby towns. Some towns are long gone and redeveloped into something else. Others are now big cities like San Jose.

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    • There are laws in Switzerland governing the amount of forest that must exist. If you want to build you must plant poles in advance to show how tall and wide the building will become. Our trees are a mixture in our area, but I don’t think we have any redwoods

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      • Well, coastal redwoods like the natives here would not live there. However, the giant redwoods like President Roosevelt planted might be able to live there. We have very strict lawn regarding new development as well, but roads must be widened to accommodate the more than a million people who live in the Santa Clara Valley.

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        • Switzerland has now just about reached the limit on motorways and side roads. It is a small country and you can only build so many roads. Having a population of only 8 million we do not need such wide motorways, they usually have three lanes on each side.

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