Daily Inkling: Time for Take-Out

Pizza Courier Car 02.08.2018

It’s been a long day, you’re exhausted, and you don’t feel like cooking. What’s your favorite take-out food to fill back up your energy reserves? 

To tell the truth I only cook an evening meal on Saturday evening, otherwise we eat cooked at lunchtime and in the evening Mr. Swiss does the necessary with some cold cuts accompanied with tomato, cucumber and a choice of pickles.

If the situation occurs that I need a take-out it could be difficult. I assume a take-out is ordering something from a service somewhere, or perhaps a hamburger. We live in a little village in Switzerland and have no shops. Even the only restaurant has been closed for the last year and is now open, but restaurant food is expensive. Our nearest MacDonalds is a quarter of an hour drive from here. There are a few pizza courier services that I could call, but pizza is not the fulfilment of hunger for me.

My energy reserve backup would be what the fridge has to offer, or the freezer and that is more luck than anything else. My mum always said if you have eggs and potatoes you can always make egg and chips (french fries), but if I am exhausted I certainly would not begin to peel potatoes and cut them for chips. I think a fried egg on toast and a tin of baked beans would replenish my energy, if I could be bothered. Otherwise I would have to manage with a cheese sandwich. I could always have an early night I suppose.

Daily Inkling: Time for Take-Out

4 thoughts on “Daily Inkling: Time for Take-Out

  1. No takeout here either. Most of the shops in Geeveston are closed by six. Sometimes if we didn’t want to cook David would drive to Geeveston to the one shop that stayed open till seven and get pizza or fish and chips for us but now that’s not a possibility for me so my fall back is the freezer. Often I cook two portions of dinner and freeze one for days when I’ve had a tiring day at the Op Shop or have been to Hobart and come home too tired to cook. Otherwise, there is always a toasted sandwich which does not require a lot of preparation or washing up afterwards.

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