RDP Saturday: Fleek

head with leaves eyes mouth

 I can speak english, often double dutch
Please do not use such strange words, being just too much
Speaking  Swiss german all day long I sometimes make mistakes
It often gets embarrassing, I begin to get the shakes
Suddenly I have a new one, midst in the daily prompt
I have never used this word before, my knowledge is now swamped
They tell me how it should be used, and so I am on fleek
I used it in a sentence today, but everyone found it weak
I thought it would be “in” and original, all would clap with joy
They looked at me with questioning glance and asked if was a toy
Afterwards everyone laughed, I felt I was a fool
I only used it to show off and thought I could be cool
So why use these words in daily talk, when no-one knows what you mean
I will stick to Swiss German, even cockney, and something in between

RDP Saturday: Fleek

11 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Fleek

  1. Just because a word is popular among middle-school kids for a few years doesn’t make it a word. I figure that to become an actual word, slang or otherwise, the word has to live longer than the people who invented it.

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    • It makes Swiss German and cockney almost official languages. I will now fleek on to something completely difference. Is there a golden oldie vocabulary? that would be more interesting.


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