Good Morning


The kitchen table is waiting for me. Just a quick photo from my mobile phone and I will pounce for my bread and jam and cup of tea. Of course power up the computer first of all. I even managed a slice for Mr. Swiss.  For some reason he has begun to eat a breakfast, be it only a slice of bread with the trimmings. It must be a golden oldie thing. He usually managed with one of those corn bars covered in chocolate, but now eats the real thing.

My Book
Some years ago when I decided to self publish a novel, I did not intend to become a famous author and did it all in self publishing. I discovered that was a difficult job, checking through it all at least 10 times when not more and I found enough typing faults. In the end I gave up, found a self-publishing company and sent it off. It was nice to get the finished products in book form. It cost money, but why not. It is even available in Amazon Too Much Sunlight by Pat Gerber and it is still there. I pay my normal annual subscription, although I was thinking about cancelling my contract. I did sell one or two books at the beginning, but to colleagues. It was fun at the time, but I decided I would rather blog then spend weeks on planning a new book.

Yesterday I again got a notification from the publishing company. Thinking it was my annual charge, I printed the attachment and found it was money, yes a complete 3 Swiss francs. I never really bothered to see how this thing works, because I had really lost interest, but someone somewhere in this world bought a copy and this was my royalty. OK, no big deal, but another little thrill in the boring day of a golden oldie.

Maize Harvest 11.10.2018

On my last walk in the area I saw that the last corn field had been harvested. We are now really on the way to the Autumn/Winter days. I was the first one up this morning and Mr. Swiss decided to continue hugging the bed. Of course I opened all the blinds and some windows to give everything a fresh appearance. I have now closed them again as he was suffering from over exposure when he arrived in the kitchen.

This morning he will take a trip to the supermarket for a few bits and pieces and I will be guarding our apartment. I did not do anywhere special yesterday except for the shopping experience. We have a new system. I do the shopping on my own whilst Mr. Swiss has a coffee and sees to a few things on the ground floor level of the supermarket. I have discovered I spend less money and am quicker, even with my silly walk. There must be a reason somewhere.

Wild flower

I am now off to do a far better thing then I am doing now (words influenced by Charles Dickens in a Tale of Two Cities). I might go for a wheelie today, time permitting. No. 1 son will be on a concert this evening, so it will be just we two golden oldies having fun. Enjoy the day, will be back – a promise not a threat.


11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Goodness! Publishing used to actually mean something. I started my gardening column two decades ago because I was annoyed by all the inaccurate information that was being published in the San Jose Mercury News at the time. I was pleased that I could publish accurate information that was relevant to the region. However, over the past twenty years, accuracy has gotten worse instead of better. Anyone can publish anything. There is not accountability. I am pleased that I can write what I want to, but saddened that there is no more regard for it than whatever others are putting out there.

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  2. A lot of people ask me why I don’t write more books. I don’t write more books because I don’t think any of them will sell any better than the first one and it’s a lot more work than I feel like doing. Blogging is fun. It’s “lightweight” writing. Authoring in heavy.

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