Daily Inkling: Free from Fear

Halloween Mask

How are you able to go to sleep after watching a scary or psychologically intense movie? What methods do you use to get your mind off of it?  

Being a golden oldie, today I find certain people that have power to decide upon life or death by pressing a button in an office somewhere, if another certain power decides to do the same, will eventually succeed in blowing up the world. Or let’s throw the cola bottles in the sea, no-one will notice with so much flotsam and jetsom is the water and it is only plastic. They are the scary things, and unfortunately not a movie.

At the age of 72 I no longer need methods to take my mind off of anything. Just throw away the newspaper or do not watch the TV. I read books, even Stephen King and Dean Koontz and I can still sleep, because it is all fantas. When I was a kid I remember hiding behind a chair when mum and dad would watch horror films. One particular TV series I will never forget and that was Quatermass, which was on the British TV.  I grew up in London. I got to the part where the door opened in the spaceship, and closed my eyes because you did not know what would leave the ship. I could still sleep afterwards. I was glad to forget the whole thing.

I cannot forget our world leaders however, they are still there tomorrow and I cannot switch them off.

Daily Inkling: Free from Fear

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