RDP Friday: Damp

Misty Moning

Growing old surrounded by mist is really not such fun
Your neck is fixed, it creaks as well, you begin to long for the sun
On a misty morning you only see outlines, the trees have disappeared
Or perhaps it is time for a new pair of glasses, your eyes feel like they are smeared
Every Autumn the same old story, we have a creeping damp
It is a ghostly invasion, nothing is clear, no light is seen from the lamp
And when the month comes to an end, it will be halloween
There are screams and sounds of ghosts and ghouls, only their shapes can be seen
A ghostly hand reaches out in the fog, and even that is clammy
Oh how I wish to leave this place for a holiday in Miami
I took a walk through the cemetery, and tripped upon a bone
My hand was cut, bleeding so much, and I heard a vampire groan
So don’t go down in the woods today, you never know what will appear
It is better to stay at home in the warmth and enjoy the atmosphere
Go to bed, hide under the sheets, to keep the damp at bay
Hoping that later the weather will change and you have a sunny day

 RDP Friday: Damp

14 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Damp

  1. After a LOT of rain yesterday, we’re having some blue sky and sunshine along with a few white, puffy clouds. Lovely.

    The line “So don’t go down in the woods today. . .” reminded me of the children’s song “Teddy Bear’s Picnic.” Hadn’t thought of it in years.

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    • We have not seen the rain for at least a month, but there is enough humidity from the daily morning mist due to our local river. We do not even have clouds at the moment, just blue skies.
      And the line I borrowed from that song. One of my childhood memories. I could still sing it with the actual words.

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  2. After three days of pelting rain and howling wind, the sun has just peeked out. Will the day be — finally! — sunny? Right now, it’s nothing but mud everywhere. Just gloppy much. Not so much damp as sodden.

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    • I cannot remember what rain looked like. We get the damp from the morning mists. Not even a strong wind, just now and again a stronger breeze and the leaves are laying on the ground.


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