Good Morning

Autumn Trees 11.10 (3)

I found Autumn yesterday on a wheelie along the river in my chair. It is the sort of colour I like: a mixture of the shape of things to come, but it can only get better. There was no great cloud photo this morning as there is a lot of humidty around. It has not rained, and we have the misty morning event.

Swans 11.10 (6)

To complete the picture, I met a swan and a duck on the way into town on the river. They seemed to be doing their own thing.

I had spent the last two afternoons at home so I decided it was time for a getaway. This time I did it all on my own. Mr. Swiss had to pick up some tablets from the doc and also our car was finished with the chassis work so had to go to the garage in the next village. Usually he opens the doors etc. for me when I leave in the wheelchair, but this tine I had to do it all by myself. I had to manoeuvre the chair through the apartment door, leave the chair and close the door. Then I had to prop open the door to the apartment block and wheel myself out. It was a little complicated as I had to leave the chair for a few door openings and fixing but I did it. It is funny how these little triumphs of independence boost the ego, at least mine. Eventually I was free and wheeled my way into town.

Baselstrasse 11.10.2018

On my way I passed this sign telling me that there was a fruit day in Solothurn at the Rossmarket on 25.10.2018. Great, another opportunity for a few photos. I discovred that the Rossmarkt would be the large empty area surrounding our underground parking house and another opportunity for a few photos I hope. I am really becoming a typical Swiss golden oldie housewife, marking all the local events for a visit. My mother-in-law was into that sort of stuff. She had a special wardrobe of clothes for her market visits on Saturday morning. It was the event of the week for her. I do not do Saturday mornings, but more during the week. Of course, she did not have a camera or mobile phone to take photos, but was more interested in meeting people she knew. She grew up here, I am a newcomer, only being here for the past 50 years. 🙂

Altstadt 11.10 (2)

I noticed this colourful balcony on the top floor of an old town building, below the cathederal, so decided to zoom in to see what it had to offer. What a wonderful oasis in town to have. There would be a view over the river and it looked so comfortable. Renting appartments in town is an expensive business, but if you can afford it, an interesting place to live. Normal people like myself live in apartment buildings on the edge of the old town. We lived for many years in such an area. Our last appartment was an old building in town. It was six rooms and we had four kids at home, so it was ideal. The rent was reasonable as it had not yet been modernised. We moved out 20 years ago when we bought our apartment in our village and since the whole building has been renovated. Probably no longer so reasonable in rent.

I have no plans for today, so will see how it develops. We have the week-end shopping to deal with. I have already made the list and am ready to go after the normal game I play with the vacuum cleaner and mop. Our new shopping system is working well. Mr. Swiss and I part company at the entrance to the supermarket. He deals with a few bits and pieces combined with a relaxing coffee in the restaurant and I do the shopping. He does what he likes and so do I. Mr. Swiss said you enjoy the shopping more than I do, and that is true. It gives me a purpose in my little housewife life and we golden oldies always find a positive side to everything. The supermarket trolleys are so handy for holding onto when walking around the shelves.

St. Urs

I will now leave you to whatever you do on a Friday with a photo of part of our old town with the St. Urs cathedral in the background and hope you have a good one. Tomorrow is the week-end for those that lead a non-golden oldie life. I always have to remind myself about week-ends. Sleep well the remainder.

12 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Brent, my landscape designer colleague in Mid City Los Angeles has landscaped his small home in such a manner that it seems miles away from the city. It is surrounded by a dense hedge, and outfitted with those hokey water features (that I dislike so) to muffle the sound of the Santa Monica Freeway at the end of the block. There is a nice deck on the roof of the garage that has an excellent view of the garden below. A wall to the south obscures the view and sound of the freeway. It is very nice, although I do not understand why anyone would want to live in Mid City, and then outfit the home so that it seems to be somewhere else. I live out in the redwood forests, and it looks like it. If I lived in an apartment in town, I think I would take advantage of the setting.


    • Sounds like he has made the most of his situation. i always wanted to live in the country and had to wait many years, although Swiss towns can be quite rural. I now live in a village where the cows and the hedgehogs say good night to each other and the crows caw a good morning. What could be better.

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      • Brent actually wanted to live where he is. I do not understand it any more than he understands why I live where I do. I think it would be fun to live downtown for a while, but I would miss garden space. The funny thing is that I did not have much more flat usable space on my nine acres than Brent had on his tiny city log. Almost all of my space is dreadfully steep, with very little flat ground.

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          • Nine acres would be a lot if I had to work it all. My garden space was very small. The farm is on about 140 acres, but less than ten percent of it is in production. That is the problem with such mountainous terrain. Most of the space is useless.

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  2. It’s always refreshing and uplifting to read your post. Love the beautiful pics of your morning tour. Yes, it’s great when we overcome the difficulties that appear to be well… difficult. Gives us a boost and puts a glow in our hearts. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day!

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  3. We are pretty much at the same stage of autumn, except all the rain has knocked half the leaves off the trees while they are still green, so whatever colors we get, there won’t be many leaves. But at least it has finally cooled down!

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    • I wouldn’t mind some rain, although I noticed the garden is damp from the morning mist. The leaves are falling, but our street cleaners are busy clearing them away


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