FOWC with Fandango: Beard

Marcel with the new cap

I actually titled this photo “Mr. Swiss with new cap”, but this is not about the cap although part of his Winter image. Most men with less hair on the head than otherwise wear something on the head on the cold Winter days, and he decided for an “Andy Capp”. “Andy Capp” is an english cartoon character of the average British working man. He always wears his cap day and night. Mr. Swiss only wears his in the Winter and I think this one was from the year before last. He always bought one in London when he accompanied me to see my dad, but now he has to buy them in Switzerland.

But this is about a beard. I cannot remember when it appeared, but I know I was adamant that he kept it. I remember he once shaved it off and I was annoyed, but as it is a three-four day beard, it returned again after a few days. I think he made a few comments about not even being able to decide himself, but I ignored them. And now the beard is here to stay, after 40 years of being with a beard I cannot imagine him without it. Our first ten years of marriage were beardless. And the grey highlights? Why not we are both golden oldies and it is part of our trade mark.

FOWC with Fandango: Beard

22 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Beard

  1. Garry had a beard for about a year, but it never looked quite right on him. I like beards, but he looked like a patchwork quilt, dark and light and very odd. He looks better without it. Although maybe now that his hair has stopped changing from dark to white, it would look better.

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  2. I just love this post, the photo and your feelings for Mr. Swiss. ❤ ❤ My "man" has a white beard now, though when we met, he was pretty uniformly covered in black fur. As he's color blind, and never looks in mirrors (two-dimensional objects mean nothing to him), he has no idea how frosty his Dusty face has become. But I see it as a very good record of all we've done together in the past 13 years. ❤

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  3. David also had a beard from time to time but as he didn’t keep it neat and tidy I really preferred him without out it. Some faces do suit beards better than others and it looks good on Mr. Swiss.

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  4. My husband grew a beard when we first started dating. Now, almost 40 years later, he still has that beard. It has been big and trimmed up but never shaved off. Now it is very grey but I think it is very distinguished looking. I do love a beard. Mr Swiss looks excellent in his! I totally agree with your decision–the beard stays.

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    • I remember the first beard he had when no. 2 son was born and he removed it afterwards. He grew again a few years later and then it stayed. It is now grey and i can no longer imagine him without it

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      • Flower Power? That was before my time. San Francisco is 75 miles north of here. I was born during the Summer of Love, so do not know much about it. California is extremely diverse! Santa Cruz County is one of the most liberal places in the World, but some of us are very conservative. Mr. Alexander and I both happen to be relatively conservative. We just happen to have discriminating fashion sense.

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          • Well, the 1980s were pretty cool anyway. Besides, I do not think that I would have enjoyed the extreme liberalism of the late 1960s. There are a few aspects about it that I like, but it was just too weird for my taste. In a way, it is weirder now because the extreme liberalism is mixed with militancy and intolerance of conservatism, which to me, seems to be contrary to liberalism and tolerance.

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