RDP Thursday: Herd

Cows 26.04 (7)

The cow population of Switzerland is approximately one and half million, meaning that there is one cow for every five people in Switzerland. We are surrounded by cows in our village, every spare piece of meadow has a few cows. One day the cows disappeared. I would take my daily wheelies in my chair to visit the cows and they were not there. I was getting worried and decided to stop eating beef. You never know if it was one of the neighbours you were enjoying for Sunday lunch when you chewedย your steak.

The problem was solved when I met one of the farmers mending a fence on the range. Actually it was the field next to the local castle. I asked him where the cows had gone and told him of my problems with eating beef. Did he have a smile on his face in sympathy? He reassured me that they were all doing well and sleeping in the barn during the day. Temperatures were too hot for them outside when the sun was so intense. They had been transferred to the night shift and only let out in the cooler evenings.

As I wheeled past the field I saw proof that the cows were still here. They had left a mark to claim their territory. Even the flies were happy.

Cow 27.09.2017

RDP Thursday: Herd

22 thoughts on “RDP Thursday: Herd

  1. Here in Wales we have three and a bit (a leg?) sheep per person ๐Ÿ™‚ Cattle were 1 animal between 3 people in 2016. We even have our own breed – the Welsh Black.

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    • Verey few sheep here. It is not a favourite meat of the Swiss, is expensive and it is only farmers that like to have something a bit different. We have many different types of cows, but the Swiss main one is the Simmental

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  2. My neighbors are itinerant. They are my brother’s cows. They are here in the winter, where the hay bales are. They move up country, grazing on the USA National Forest in the summer. We have many conversations about proper behavior, of which dumping on my lawn is not nice. They do not listen.
    “Fertilizer” they mooo.
    Psheft! Cows!
    There are about 2.55 million cows in Montana. About 3 for every person. None of them, cows I mean, listen very well. Come to think of it, I only rarely run across a person who listens much either.

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    • In the Swiss mountain areas there are many cows. The farmers send them up to the mountains in Summer with a big procession. When they return in Autumn there is another procession. The recycling process of the cow is a favourite for the flies. I grew up in London, a town and only saw a cow rarely if I was in the english country.


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