FOWC with Fandango: Fence

Shire Horse Guiness

Even in the German language it is clear that this is a fence with electricity. It is to keep the horses inside of course, but what about the humans.  Before my days of wheelchair I could more or less use my legs, although they were then slowly deciding to dislocate themselves from my feet now and again.

However, undaunted I would take a walk with Mr. Swiss to visit the local horses at the stable, naturally with my camera. I had to climb up a slope of earth to get a good position, and then it happened. Mrs. Angloswiss fell. When Mrs. Angloswiss falls today she can no longer stand afterwards. This was a few years ago when I was beginning not to stand and I think this was the first time it happened. As the floor was coming up to meet me I naturally grabbed the wire to brake my fall. This was a mistake of course. Not only had I twisted my ankle but was also electrocuted. Ok, no big shock, but it die sort of give a strong feeling of gripping pins and needle in my hand which even climbed up my arm.

Now Mrs. Angloswiss was immobile from the leg downwards and we were without a car in the wilderness of paths . Luckily we had our mobile phones with us and met two ladies who knew a very good taxi driver. She gave us his number, we called, and he came along the path in his taxi which is actually only meant for people and not taxis.

He was even trained for first aid, grabbed me with his two arms and heaved me into the taxi back seat. Mrs. Swiss went home to get his car and the taxi driver took me to the ER at the local hospital, where Mr. Swiss joined us.  Long story, shortened: I had not broken anything, just a twisted ankle. I went to my doc, she decided enough is enough and sent me to a neurologist and today I am in a wheelchair diagnosed with MS, a creeping thing, and this all because of an electric fence.

The horse did not even notice the drama going on around him. The fence is still there and so are the horses and now I take my photos with a zoom lens from a distance. I have since noticed that all our fences in our agricultural area are electric.

Castle Waldegg Surroundings 28.05 (3)

FOWC with Fandango: Fence

9 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Fence

  1. I’m pretty sure the electricity is as much to keep the people out as the horses IN. Most farms use electric fencing, but our local one, no electric. The cows are so friendly, they are glad to have you pet them. Even the chickens are ready for a cuddle.

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    • A friend of mine brings the horses carrots and apples. She knows the farmer, otherwise it is not allowed to feed the animals. Our cows are quite friendly with the farmer but I would not like to get too close. Most of our fields have electric fencing


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