RDP Tuesday: Rugged

Harley Davidson HESO Tag 30.09 (13)

The rugged men hit the town, windows in houses were shaking
Driving long the road, there was a great awakening
They were driving on their Harleys, a special motor bike name
Their faces hidden by their scarves, from all directions they came
Were they the easy riders, travelling from East to West
Or dd they have a mission, perhaps on a special quest
So many bikes were almost too much, they parked them everywhere
Bikes on the right and bikes on the left, they were visiting the local fair

Harley Davidson HESO Tag 30.09 (23)

Leather jackets, blue jeans and covering eyes with a dark goggle
Spreading their feelers  everywhere, the mind begins to boggle
They had taken over the town there was no room to move
Golden Oldies were mystified at this new type of groove
A brumm brumm brumm was filling the air and other sounds of power
They were the men with the iron machines, arriving every hour
Soon the public had heard the noise and began to gather to see
The cyclists decided to take a ride, together for the glee
Ear drums popped and buildings shook as they rumbled over the cobbles
Glasses in restaurants vibrated and everything got the wobbles
At last the time approached to go, they departed all altogether
They were revving up the rugged men, they were the birds of a feather

Harley Davidson HESO Tag 30.09 (1)

RDP Tuesday: Rugged

2 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday: Rugged

  1. I have been assured by MANY bikers — including my son — that all the gear is entirely a fashion issue. They have outfits that they NEVER EVER WEAR except when they bike. Otherwise, they are accountants, doctors, baggers at the supermarket. But hey man, when they wear their leathers, they are TOUGH.

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