Good Morning

Crow 08.10.2018

It is still morning here, although a little later than usual. My cleaning lady was scheduled, I got all my usual routine stuff done and she called to say she has an appointment this morning, but would come this afternoon. It makes no difference to a golden oldie like me as I do my own thing and let her get on with it, Yesterday was another sunny day so I went for a wheelie into town in the afternoon in my chair and noticed this crow perched on a fence in a garden on the way. Perhaps he was sun bathing.

October Market Day 08.10 (6)

I wheeled on to town as it was the second Monday in the month when they have their market day. Since I conquered the streets with my chair and now have the routine, I go to town when I read that there is something going on and I am now becoming a regular visitor of the monthly market. In the morning it is more fruit and vegetable  and in the afternoon a bit of everything, but not food. They used to have a small cattle market when I arrived in Solothurn at one of the smaller raileway stations, but I do not know if it is still there. I never venture out in the morning. I am too lazy and prefer to do my housewife stuff in the morning. Mr. Swiss is more a morning person, although I suspect he disappears to get out of my way with the vaccum cleaner, although he also does his bit.

October Market Day 08.10 (13)

There was the usual bits and pieces that a market has and I like to see the original methods they have to show their goods. this seemed to be a variety of covers for a settee, or perhaps a couple of tablecloths.

October Market Day 08.10 (5)

I have a feeling that as time goes on the market will no longer be as special for me. I had an interesting meeting with another lady in a wheelchair. She also had an electric chair and a camera which was our common item to begin a talk. She was about my age, and said she could no longer walk., but her wheelchair was her key to freedom, as it is mine as well. She lived locally in one of the villages and told me everywhere that she roams, and I really felt like a  beginner. She likes to take photos of flowers, which I also like to do. It seems that she also takes flower photos in her local supermarket as do I, but she had a problem as one of the assistants did not agree. She had a word with the manager and now she has special permission to take her photos.

I also take my photos regularly in our local supermarket. The department boss once ask one of the ladies why I am taking photos. She told me and I said for my computer and blog site, and the boss found that was OK. Now when I arrive in the gardening department I am greeted by all and have absolutely no problem for my photo clicks.

October Market Day 08.10 (26)

I continued on my journey towards our Kreuzacker bridge which is free of traffic. the street was also occupied by various market stalls. I had been away for more than an hour and to be quite honest, there was nothing more to see.

Rötibruck 08.10.2018

I wheeled on along the river path taking a photo of the lower part of our traffic bridge, combined with a footpath on a lower level and eventually arrived home. In the meanwhile the workers had painted our entrance door to the apartment, so I had to be careful entering with the wheelchair and all because of the wet paint. We have a young lady and young man doing the work for the painters and they are very helpful when they see me leaving, holding the door open for my chair etc.

On the whole I must say that people are very considerate and helpful when they see me coming. If I want to cross the road in the wheelchair sometimes I just like to take my time, but when you notice that all the traffic stops immediately for you, you have to go, otherwise it could get a little embarrassing.

Mr. Swiss has returned from his quest in town and brought me my favourite Autumn gingerbread biscuits from the supermarket, it is a German speciality. I particularly like the chocolate covered ones, but last time they disappeared before I realised we had some in the cupboard. I think someone had a guilty conscience, but now there is a fresh packet to enjoy.


May it be a good day, or sleep well those still hugging the bed.

8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I love reading your blog and your photos are great. Wherever I go I like to take photos too. Sometimes you come across shops and restaurants with interesting decor and/or stock. I always ask permission to snap pics and most have no objection – but there are a few who absolute refuse to allow cameras in their stores – they’re afraid they will be copied! I explain that I’ll blog about them and it will be good publicity – sometimes they give in.

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