FOWC with Fandango: Silence

Crows 27.10 (6)

We are surrounded by silence: by forests and a river. Even traffic on the road does not disturb us. We have a motorway for the noisy stuff at a distance. The only noise we have are the crows that gather in their colony. One crow says let’s go and they all go together, with a group caw of course. Now and again the magpies join in, but they snatter more than caw.

During the night silence spreads itself over the land. If you have problems with sleeping it is usually the sound of silence that disturbs.

I grew up in London, in the middle where the lorries thunder on the roads and there is never a quiet moment. Perhaps that is the reason why noise does not really bother me. I can switch off and not hear any noise. Now I have the sounds of nature, natural, and not manmade. I enjoy it. The worst is the morning alarm. Why an alarm when I am a golden oldie and am not going anywhere? That is obvious, otherwise I would probably sleep all day enjoying the silence of my world.

FOWC with Fandango

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