RDP Monday: Plump

Today I have to ask you to be patient. I live in Switzerland and our local language is Swiss German, so our music tends to be with German texts. There was a Austrian singer, Udo Jürgens and I quite liked his music and songs. He was very well known, but unfortuately passed away a couple of years ago.

One of his well known songs was entitled, “Aber bitte mit Sahne”. Translated it would be “but with cream please” and tells of the golden oldies, usually ladies, that often meet in their favourite cake shop to enjoy the pleasures of a doughnut, black forest cherry cake, or perhaps an apple tart, but always with cream. I found this song on YouTube, the original from Udo Jürgens, but they did it quite clever. The German and the english words appear as he sings, so enjoy it. Those ladies were probably quite plump, but they enjoyed their cakes and cream, as I do. Just ate the last piece of Mr. Swiss famous apple tart, but with whipped cream of course. And I do not weight one gramme more than this morning. That is probably because of the exercise I have, in my wheelchair with the steering. My right hand often gets exhausted with the strain.

RDP Monday: Plump

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