FOWC with Fandango: Routine

Cleaning kitchen

Rolling out of bed with a hop and a swing
Hoping that the day good things will bring
Walk to the kitchen and prepare some food
Just bread, jam and tea will set the daily mood
Place the computer on the kitchen table
Now I am ready for all when able
I say good morning to most of the world
Munching on my breakfast with energy uncurled
And now it is finished so go fetch the sweeper
It removes all the dust, I am a creeper
And now to the shower room, wiping the toilet clean
Do not forget the sink and the floor, oh what a scene
I take the mop once more and wipe it over the tiles
In the corridor and living room, there are so many miles
I am now in the daily routine, and almost half way there
Fill the bowl with cat food, I have no time to spare
Now is time for the kitchen, wiping away the crumbs
and to mop the kitchen floor, oh how clean it becomes
Now I go to the bathroom to have my daily shower
I am ready for everything, I am the lady with power
Now a wipe round in the bathroom , what energy it took
But I am not yet finished, lunch will have to cook
Eating is also tiring, but there is no reason to weep
Because the routine is finished and now for a midday sleep
The afternoon is me time, doing what I do
I can please myself because I no longer have to

FOWC with Fandango: Routine

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