RDP Saturday: Burble

Stream, St. Kathrinen Cemetery, Solothurn

Let’s go burbling said the brook to the stream
Streams do not go burbling, only in a dream
If a stream  went burbling there would be to many bubbles
The fish would not agree  and they would have some troubles
And so the brook burbled on its way, until it began to rain
but luckily it changed its course and tumbled down a drain
There was no burbling more to be done, it was gushing down a pipe
It carried on down and tried to stop, but it was all a hype
Now swollen and wide with many fish, but flowing very calm
It passed by hills and flowed through valleys  and even saw a farm
When the cows began to drink the water the brook it hurried on
Life was not the same today, the bubbling brook was gone
It passed through villages and afterwards towns, and even saw a tram
but then was deafened by a crashing noise and fell from the top of a damm
And the river which it had now become, meandered to the coast
The journey would still meet the end and find the outer post
It now had fish and tasted quite salty, it began to have a notion
But then it joined all the other brooks and became a part of the ocean

RDP Saturday: Burble

8 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Burble

    • The photo is from the local cemetery. As long as it rhymes its poetry for me. I am not so good at the fantastic usage of wonderful words that do not rhyme, not the gifted poet unfortunately.

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