Good Morning


No dramatic skies this morning. The sun is telling us that it is on its way, so looks like another sunny one today. Yesterday afternoon was warm and I was thinking about wearing shorts even, but changed my mind. As soon as the sun disappears in the late afternoon it can turn quite chilly.

Today the gardeners will be completing their work.

Raised Beds

Yesterday when they left, we had a quarry remaining of odd pieces of stones everywhere. They had completed our raised beds and filled them with earth.

Raised Beds

When I stopped hugging my bed this morning and looked out of the window, the gerdeners were removing the quarry and put the stones into their wheelbarrow and now there only remains. The flower beds will get a nice finishing border and an exit will be made for me to leave the garden. The hedge will get some wooden cuttings at the bottom.

Yesterday I had a talk with the lady in charge about what to plant afterwards. Some plants I already have from those that were in the garden. I chose my kitchen herbs which will be in the raised bed on the right as that is opposite the kitche.  Based on my 20 years herb experience of gardening I now know what to have and what not and I can always add to it later.

I had a catalogue with all the plants in it and that was a difficult chore. So many and what to take. It was good to get advice. In this garden we have sun almost all day, rising at bout 8 in the morning until evening, so it has to be plants that cope with a sunny area. I chose some taller plants at the outside edge of the garden with a flowering garden padding for the base to protect from weeds etc. Today I will have a look for some spring bulbs like crocus and grape hyacinths for the raised beds. I am really enjoying this new experience and do not regret no longer having my old garden. It was good while it lasted,  but it was getting a little out of hand and I could no longer do the necessary work.

Otherwise life continues in the normal world. I am not going places at the moment. I prefer to stay at home and watch my new garden growing. Today we have week-end shopping and have no idea what to plan for the week-end menus. We will not starve and hope we have some ideas when we get to the supermarket. No. 1 son has already waved goodbye, so one less mouth to feed at lunchtime. He is off to Zürich for the day to browse around – usually in the record shops. He is still a CD person and does not yet upload his music online.

And now for the daily chores. I trust you will all have a relaxing week-end, may the Autumn weather be with you.

Autumn 03.10 (2)

I noticed on my last wheelie through the cemetery at the beginning of the week that the Autumn flora were ready for planting on the graves.

16 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • I have always had fresh herbs, but I no longer have to bend to pick them. Inget my basil in Summer from the store and i do not want mint in the garden, it is too invasive. Just on the porch to keep the flies away, which it does


  1. Grape hyacinth are so rad. They grew like weeds back when they were trendier. They were quite untrendy for a while, but then made a comeback a few year ago, with many contemporary cultivars as those old classics often do. The old cultivars are still the best.
    The plants in the right side background of those going into the cemetery seem to be some sort of small heather or heath. How English!

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          • There were fields of it that were formerly grown as cut flower around my Pa’s home in Montara. I do not know when they were last harvested. They were very abandoned and very big in the early 1980s. They fit into Montara so well because it is such a foggy climate; but I always thought of them as something that would normally grow in England or someplace adjacent to England.

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